​We offer team building at our facility or yours.  We have an entertainment facility across the hall that includes: Bowling, Billiards, Ping Pong, Darts, Video Games, and Karaoke rooms (a nice lounge to meet in, the karaoke is optional). This is a great place to go after to continue the fun, or to entertain those that are waiting to enter the rooms for larger groups. There are several restaurants in and around the mall to cater to your dining needs.

Team building

Employee Screening

Engaging, interactive, fun, team building experiences can build trust, mitigate conflicts, increase  collaboration, encourage improved communication, improve morale,  and build lasting bonds between participants. This is an important investment in your team and the more fun and exciting the experience, the more they will take away from it. ​Escaping together offers a unique way for your team to get to better know, understand, and respect one another in a fun environment.  

Hiring new employees? We can help screen individuals at any point in the hiring or promotion process. Its hard to know if you have found the right candidate. After just a few minutes in our room, candidates forget about the cameras and begin to reveal things that often take months to learn in a real world environment. Using our screening services you will learn: How well they follow instructions, their organizational skills, how they perform under pressure, temperament, and  you can observe their problem solving and critical thinking skills. You can send people to us and view the footage later, you can sit in with us and watch live, or we can bring the event to you.