1. Why do we want to do this?

This is the newest and most exciting entertainment concept in years! It is way more fun than the other things you usually do. It’s a great date night activity too. Nothing beats the heart pounding excitement of attempting to escape the room before time runs out!

2. How much does it cost

The 60 minute rooms are $30 per person. We have 40-45 minute rooms that are $18 per person, 30 minute rooms are $15 per person and 20 minute rooms are just $10 per person.

3. How many people can enter a room?

The Office is optimized for 6 players. You may book as many as 8 (10 for team building activities). The minimum occupancy is 2. To book a team building event for more than 8, book 8 online and then call us at 630-894-9300. Granny’s Creepy Secret and The Lab are optimized for 8 players. You may book as many as 10 (12 for team building activities). The minimum occupancy is 4 for the Lab. To book a team building event for more than 10, book 10 online and then call us at 630-894-9300. Our 20-45 minute rooms are always private regardless of number of players booked. Our shorter rooms have recommended maximums. These rooms are smaller and these recommended maximums are not mandatory. If you would like to bring one more person than the maximum for a shorter room please call us to let us know.

4. Is there a minimum number of players?

Yes. The minimum number of players is 2 in The Office and Granny’s Creepy Secret, 4 in The Lab. The rooms are optimized for more players. Less than 4 players will make it EXTREMELY challenging to escape in 60 minutes. Please consider this when booking your time slot. There is no minimum number of players in 20-45 minute rooms.

5. What if we have fewer than 8 or 10 players but we want the room to ourselves?


Due to the coronavirus we have made all of our rooms private for the time being.


NORMALLY:  (disregard until the coronavirus is no longer a concern)

If you want the private rooms are available for just $4 more per person, minimum 4 players. When booking, in the “options” section you must check “Private event” box to book entire activity. Discounts do not apply to private room. Pricing will be adjusted automatically. 20 and 40 minute rooms have no minimum (solo if you like) and are always private.

6. can I cancel if something comes up?

Cancellations are not possible, but if your time slot won’t work for you, call us 7 days prior to your scheduled game and we will be happy to reschedule your group. 630-894-9300

7. Can someone else come in my place?

Yes, just send the new players your confirmation email so that they know where to go, when to arrive, and where to fill out their waivers in advance.

8. Do I need a reservation?

No, walk-ins are fine but chances are the 60 minute rooms would be booked. The 20, 40 and 45 minute room would probably have better availability on a walk-in basis.

9. How long will we be there?

Plan on being here for 90 minutes. Arrive 15 minutes early to go over the rules, tips, tricks, and hints. The game is 60 minutes and afterword you will want to spend 15 minutes debriefing and having your photo taken.

10. What if we are late?

The rooms run on a strict schedule. If you arrive late you will still need to go over the rules. However many minutes, past your scheduled time, that you enter the room – that many minutes will be deducted from your 60 minutes. We apologize for the necessity of this policy, but late arrivals impact the next party.

11. Is there an age limit?

No. Players 14 or younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian 21 years old or older for the ONE HOUR ROOMS. Players 14 through 17 must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian. The 60 minute rooms are geared towards adults and teens. The 20 minute room is somewhat more suitable for preteens, but all of our rooms are designed to be challenging, even for adults. Players may be of any age in our 20 minute rooms. Players 3 years old and younger are free of charge.No children 6 or under in one hour rooms (infants are allowed, and free in all rooms, with the understanding that any issues that arise will need to be handled outside of the room)

12. What should we bring?

Bring your brain and your friends. No personal items are allowed in the rooms. Your phones, cameras, keys, lighters, etc. will be locked up in the room with you. Ladies, please no large purses. Don’t forget your reading glasses! Wear comfortable clothes.

13. Where should we park?

Park on the lower level near the Round 1 amusement center. There is a very large bowling pin near this entrance. Go through the mall entrance and turn right when you get to the main corridor, we are on the left past the escalators.

14. What happens if our group doesn't escape in time?

You and your group will be fed to the lions. JK, but you will quite possibly have had  the most exciting, adrenaline filled, heart pounding, just plain FUN you’ve had in years. A debriefing and fun filled photo session will follow.
This is the newest and most exciting entertainment concept in years! It is way more fun than the other things you usually do. It’s a great date night activity too. Nothing beats the heart pounding excitement of attempting to escape the room before time runs out!

15. What happens if our group does escape?

Brag, Brag, Brag. There will be a fun filled photo session and you may add your legendary names to the Wall of Master Minds. Your game will be timed.

16. Can I play the same room twice?

Yes, as long as your group is aware that you have done the room and you have reserved the entire room, but you and your group will not be eligible to beat the record.

17. Do you do special events?

Yes. Call us about team challenges, team-building, birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, baby reveal, gender reveal, company parties, etc. We also offer our “interview room” put your potential hires through our 20 minute room at your location. Learn more in 20 minutes than you would in weeks on the job. Ask about personalized clues. We also have gift certificates.

18. Sounds like it would be even more fun after a few drinks?

The game requires a clear, sharp mind and the ability to focus on clues and puzzles. Please come sober and be ready to do your most amazing investigative work!

19. What if I just want to watch?

Sorry, we do not have a viewing area. If you wish to watch from inside the room, all entrants are required to pay the same admission.

20. That was the coolest, most fun thing I've done in years. Now what?

Visit one of our other rooms for more great FUN and tell all your friends they need to have this much fun. Please do not reveal the secrets of the rooms though. Let them enjoy it as much as you did.

21. Can we take pictures and videos in the rooms?

Sorry, no photos or videos are allowed to be taken in our rooms.

22. What if one of my team members is claustrophobic?

There is always an available exit that is not locked so anyone can leave at anytime.

23. What if I have a question that wasn't answered here?

Please chat with us online, email us at escaperoombloomingdale@gmail.com or call us at 630-894-9300.