Polar Express: The Living Room

Want to experience a room but your time is limited? Or maybe you only have 2 to 4  people?
​Then this room is perfect for you today, while you plan for your one hour adventure in the future.  Tonight is Christmas eve. You heard the strangest sound outside and when you looked out the window, to your amazement, there was a train in the street! You hurried outside but sadly it pulled away just before you were able to get on board. You returned to your living room to find a message from Santa. He  has hidden a special gift for you and said it will vanish as magically as it appeared if you do not find it within 20 minutes. You have just 20 minutes to find the gift or it will be gone forever!!  You will use clues, solve puzzles, use objects, codes, and keys just like in the 60 minute rooms but now  you have just 20 minutes! Will you accept the Challenge?

The 20 minute room  changes with the holidays so come and play before it’s gone! The other two rooms change occasionally so you can play again and again! This is the most fun you’ll ever have with a key in your hand!!!

If you book your 20 minute adventure online please arrive only 5 minutes early.

All 20 minute rooms are paid for when you arrive.

1-4 players