Get ready to have the most fun you've had in years! This is a real life escape adventure. You are trapped in a room – your only goal – ESCAPE!  Experience 60 minutes of mind bending, brain twisting, heart pounding excitement. You and your group are the main characters in this interactive mystery escape challenge. Hurry – the clock is ticking. You have only 60 minutes to decipher secret messages, find hidden objects, crack codes and unlock mysterious boxes. Can you do it?

Gather your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, your church group  or gaming buddies and come and experience the newest and coolest entertainment concept. Enter the room with only your wits, skills and mystery solving abilities. Keep cool, communicate, work together and use logic to escape.

Some will escape, many will not, but either way you'll be talking about the intense fun and excitement for days. If you are one of the elite that do escape, the bragging rights are yours!  You will be invited to add your legendary name to our Wall of Master Minds.